What’s NEW about the year if you’re not making MORE money or rather planning to make MORE?

Estee Laude once said and I quote

“I never dreamed about success…I worked for it”

Ever wonder or think everyone that rides big cars in the neighborhoods are into YAHOO?

Oh no

Get a glimpse of what I’m about unveiling to you

This is a High Men Casual Show that goes for 99,999 on jumia.

Ever wonder why JUMIA run BLACKFRIDAY and not running at loss at all? Check Below

This Shoe Cost just 208 Yuan..

A yuan currently is less than 55naira

Doing a short Math (208*55) = 18,304 naira(Approximately Less 25kwith Shipping and Clearance Fee)

Let’s calculate the profit 99,999- 25,000

That’s around 74,999on just a sale!

Imagine selling …. of this in a week

Wait! I still have more to show you

Ever wonder how this Boutique Guys who ride big cars around do it…I’m unveiling their secrets now!!

Their Wealth Secrets they will never tell YOU!

Check the prices!

Look at the Price Range

Imagine selling 5 of that in a week

Calculate the profit!

Let me do a short calculation again for you

Going with the highest price ¥398

(398*55) = 21,890

Approximately less than 24,000 with Shipping and Clearance Fee

Let’s calculate the profits again 96,763- 24,000= 72,763


For a start imagine selling 2Shoes and 3 Wrist Watches in a Month.

That’s even small for a beginner who follow the secrets guide very well

Let’s calculatethat:

2× 74,999 for shoes   =149,998

3× 72,763 for Wrist Watch =218,289

Totalling= 368,286 Naira

Portrait of a shocked young man against a gray background

Imagine Selling More than that this just a Month!

Calculate it!!!

You determine your income!!!

Surely you can’t wait for it to be unveiled!

What an huge profits of #368,286 will be made

Surprised right?


This can be YOU!

Yes YOU!

Without much talk again…I’ll be telling you how you also can achieve this.

I’m posing an offer through to you…

Age,Race, Sex, Tribe is never a barrier…Anybody who desires can make money! either you are Employed or not, students, full housewife, Graduates, NYSC member, Civil Servant..

This is for YOU!.

Note: Offer ends when the Timer or when the Promo Slots turns to *0* we’re taking the Prices back to normal as seen below

What’s the offer?

I understand you’re really interested but what about your tight schedules?

 I got you covered…. 2020 you’re breaking Limits!!!

I’m giving you a full and explicit and well explanatory 3 days Importation training with video guide to help you dig through the golds in Importation.


A full Guide on Importation

Secrets of sourcing hot products

Chinese Agents Contact and linking up

Achieving a fast sold out experience

List of Local Nationwide Companies and how to go about it

Generating Payments Links for each of your products

Access to 1 Month Pro Coaching Group

Totalling 31500


How to import from Turkey and USA

Selling your products on my website for free

10 Success tips to make you glow forever in Importation

Get a Free Link up to one and best of my importation boss who formally worked with jumia before having his own Shipping company with a big warehouse in China, Turkey and UK

All these normally go for a price of #10,000 from our side

I’m sure the Cost Price is somehow scaring you away but you’re still interested

But don’t be afraid as we will be giving this out to those who are ready and can subscribe before the countdown timer get to “0”

It will be going for just #2,000


#2,000 only

The worst feeling ever is that you loose your chance!

Jackson Brown, Jr. Once said “Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity”

So the ball is in your court!

You might not see this offer again..

Think twice!!!

Time is ticking down 👇👇👇👇👇

Note: Offer ends when the Timer turns to 0, we’re taking the Prices back to it’s Original Value as seen below once the PROMO SLOTS is exhausted!!!

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