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    • Connect with more buyers
    • Sell more products
    • Top notch seller support
    • Expert product delivery
    • Improve revenue
  • Enjoy Special advert wit low price
  • Affiliate members shares your products.

Wwe have 2 different methods which you can use to sell on this platform 

  1. We selling and managing your orders for you.
  2. You registering as a vendor to sell yourself.


We sell and manage your orders for you.

Step 1: You will fill a partnership form containing your brand or company name to have a file with us

Step 2: You will submit the details of any item you want us to sell for you including the images, Product name and all other information you want us to share about your products

Step 3: this have 2 different options

  • Option 1 You will submit the name, all the information people have to know and the picture then we will upload it while you will be notified once anybody place order then you will from your side take it to the motor park and deliver it to the customer
  • Option 2 You will send some quantity to our office in Oshogbo without any payment which will be stock in our store and we will be the one to deliver it to those that place order while we’ll send you your money after each successful delivery

NOTE: You will give us a reseller rate different from the normal selling rate for us to be able to add a little profit as we will be running advert for people to visit the site and buy your products.

You register as a vendor to sell yourself.

    • Register under 5 minutes, register as a vendor by filling the registration form and submitting the required documents like your business details and bank details to receive your payments
    • List your products and sell, upload your best selling products and start selling while you will wait for admin to approve your product before it can show on the market place.
  • Benefit from our promotions and marketing get visibility from our campaigns/promotions and insight on best selling products.
  • #200 will be deducted from any purchase you got on any of your products, #100 will go to the affiliate member that  share your product and the remaining #100 will go for site maintenance.

Contact us today let u sell for you or simply register as a vendor and start selling


Do you want us to promote your products in a special way?

we can simply do that for you, with a very low and discount price and your products will be sen and purchased by massively, we have different packages for this with different target number of members that will click on your produce, contact us to know more and how to go about this.

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